New Study: Frequent use of smart-phones makes you impatient

United States: People who constantly fidget their smart-phones are less likely to be patient than others who do not use smart-phones so frequently. The ability to or not to control impulse is also a major by-product to extensive use of tables, smart-phones and all such devices. Research carried out at Temple University in USA reported such and other related findings.

91 undergrads completed a set of cognitive tests and questionnaire to indicate as to how much time they spent on their mobile phones to update status, post pictures and for other such social media events. Each was evaluated on their tendency to abscond gratification while there were other richer rewards that is the intertemporal preference was examined. A small sum of currency was allotted instantaneously while a larger sum of money was kept for later time. A test was done to control impulse reaction.

Like binge drinking, habits of heavy mobile technology have long term effects as was confirmed by Henry Wilmer from Temple University.

Jason Chein from Temple University had said that hugely extensive use of mobile technology and impulsivity as well as impatient nature go together and it impedes the long term health benefits of people. Poor control of impulses is seen as a major arena of concern for the physicians and goes a long way in establishing poor health concerns in masses.

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