New Study: Heavy Users of Social Media trapped in endless cycle of depression

United States: Studies revealed that greater the times young people spend on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, the greater is there chances of their becoming depressed. 19 to 32 years age group people taking part in researches in turn checking social media very much frequently all through weeks had been 2.7 times more prone to development of depressions than those people who saw these sites less often.

US people 177 numbered using social media for average of 61 minutes daily in turn having accounts of visiting 30 times/week. Of these one-quarter had been found having high depression indicators. Dr Brian Primack, director of Pitt’s Centre for Research on Media, Technology and Health, led study, and said The Independent that there is importance of explaining that it was cross-sectional studies.

Directionalities are not clear from such results. Stronger possibilities are that mass that have already symptoms of depression start using social media networks more. Reason is that they have no feeling of drives and energies of engaging in lots of direct socialised relationships. There is phenomenal citing being referred as “Facebook depression”.

Mass engaging in lots of socialised media uses have feeling that they do not live up to life’s portraits idealised which different people tend in presentation of profiles of theirs. As compared with social sciences both directions are correct. These are concerning factors.

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