New Study in US: Human Hearts, Lungs and Brains are targets of Climate Change

Washington: People feel much disturbances while there being a climate change, even though they found unaware of the many facts behind it. It is clarified by a recently published Study from United States that such Climate change can be expected to boost the number of annual premature deaths in United States from heat waves in the coming years. Not only this, they suggest it can be expected to increase brains health issues from extreme weather like hurricanes and floods.

The study, which was published yesterday, on 4th April, is also represented by Surgeon General- Vivek Murthy saying that in the situations there can be seen a force that has such a multitude of effects. Surgeon General was talking with the reporters at the White House about this study. Further he said there are multiple paths and not a single source which researchers can target with climate change.

It is shown in the study that in the United States, from 670 to 1,300 of the deaths annually in the recent years were seen as have been caused due to Heat waves. And by the year 2100, the premature deaths in the United States from the heat waves can be expected to increase more than 27,000 per annum from a 1990 baseline, as per the study.

Besides, such extreme heat would be resulting the Forest fires and raising pollen counts and also will be consequent to offer poor quality of air by which the people would be facing major health issues like Asthma and other lung conditions and this can also result in the again premature deaths by the year 2030.

Also, the study firmly warns the effects coming from the climate change, which includes the Metal health issues too. The mental concerned issues like depressions, post traumatic stress disorder and general anxiety can also result.  Moreover, the diseases like mosquito and tick-borne diseases would also be expected to raise.

Thus, the effects of the climate change would be showing all such hazards to the human life, by the coming decades of the years and scientists are still hopping to get remedial measures against the issues.

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