New Study: Intake of extra Red Meat Speeds Puberty In Girls

United States: Newer studies have revealed that girls with more red meats intakes being with their menstrual cycle nearly 5 months early as compared with others. Studies reveal that girls consuming fish fatty such as sardines and tuna fishes very frequently begin late menstrual cycles than ones eating less frequently. Scientists from University of Michigan conducted measurements of diets usually of girls 456 in age group of 5 to 12 years in Colombia before they began with their periods.

Girls then were followed for 6 years. In this time duration, they had been asked as to whether they had their 1st period. Consumption of red meats by girls had ranging from lesser that 4 times in 1 week to 2 times in 1 day. Girls who consumed great amount of red meat began with menstrual cycle at medium ages of 12 years 3 months. Others eating fewer amounts started it at 12 years 8 months.

Girls eating fatty fishes very frequently started periods at 12 years 6 months. This is different very important since it is linked with risks of diseases later in one’s life. This was told by first author Erica Jansen, a doctoral candidate at University of Michigan. This is significant since few factors of diets are well-known for affecting puberty timings. Eating red meats in life early relates with risk more of breast cancers later.

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