New Study: Mindfulness meditation is alternative for pain killers

Mindfulness meditations are elements essential of practices by Buddhists. It provides alternatives to drug based usual pills for pain relieving. This practice is actually for those people who suffer from pains chronically. This is suggested by newer researches.

This type of meditation namely Mindfulness Meditation involve comfortable sittings, focusing on breathing of yours and bringing ones attention to this particular moment. It is useful especially for people who had have built tolerances for opiate based drugs. They have desires for finding non-addictive ways for reducing pains. This is told by researchers.

Mindfulness Meditations have no employment of addictive endogenous opioid systems for reducing pains. It uses rather body’s opioids naturally made as alternative therapies. Studies revealed are surprising. These meditations are important for lots of people suffering from chronic pains in turn seeking non-opiate based, fast acting therapies for alleviating pains. This is told by Fadel Zeidan, assistant professor at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in the US.

Studies were published in Journal of Neuroscience. Study results involving volunteers 78 revealed that however even at time when opioid receptors of bodies of individuals are blocked chemically, still this meditation had abilities of reductions considerably of pains. Ratings of pains had been reduced also by 21 percent in meditating groups for those receiving placebo-saline injections. This is perfect health procedure.

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