New Study: Moms who stressed before pregnancy may have babies with Low weight

United States: In case of an expecting mother her stress physiologies predicts low birth weights of babies-lesser than 2.5kg. This is revealed by newer studies. Findings suggest that mother’s stressing physiologies even before she conceives are important also. Studies reveal that an expecting mother’s life situations and health factors before pregnancies (chronic stresses especially) greatly matters.

Findings are that same pattern of cortisol linked with stresses chronically associated with baby delivery weighs lesser at birth times. This is told by lead author Christine Guardino from University of California in US. Scientist claimed that maternal cortisol- hormones released by bodies in stressful situation responses- are patterns before conceptions influencing baby’s weight.

Studies published in Health Psychology journal conducted analysis of 142 women looking as to how stresses chronically affect newer parents and little ones where they gave daily samples of saliva. Cortisol levels of women’s increase typically by 2 to 4 times in times of normalised pregnancies. This increase plays important roles in baby’s development and growth. It is told by co-author Chris Dunkel Schetter.

When levels of cortisol are increased beyond ranges, effects could be long lasting and immediate both. Long lasting because it influences toddler’s responses to stresses later in life. Immediate because increased levels of cortisol reduces blood flows to foetus. This is explained by Schetter. Results revealed that women gave birth to babies with low weight.

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