New Study: More Anxiety disorders rampant in bisexuals, gay and lesbians

Canada: Lesbian, bisexuals and gay population are more liable to anxiety disorders and given to heavy drinking. This was reported by Basia Pakula of Canada, University of British Columbia after having examined 2,20,000 Canadian people between 2007 and 2012 in Canadian Community Health Survey.

Mood and anxiety disorder as well as heavy drinking was entirely correlated in gays, bisexuals and lesbians even while there were marked differences in their health reports. Heterosexual Canadians led a better lifestyle and had less mood upswings that was half the rate of gay and lesbian Canadians and one-fourth that of bisexual Canadians.

These reports are used to plan as well as allocate resources to respond to such issues by these groups. Chronic stress, stigma and prejudice in these population lead to micro aggression. Prejudices, comments and daily slurs are very damaging psychological.

A support system is required for bisexuals because they face more and more stigma regularly. This was published in American Journal of Public Health and goes a long way in ascertaining the lifestyle issues of these different people. A proper support system should be set up for helping them out, else they are bound to be in doldrums of despair. A person of sound orientation is not in the need of much support but these people are immensely in need to be in avoidance of any stigma and discrimination.

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