New Study: Obese ladies are more prone to depression

United States: In the Journal Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, it has been stated that depression is double amongst obese women with high educational credentials. Lead author Ashley Kranjac, Rice University Houston, US has stated these results in a study amongst women in the age group of 35 to 80. Earlier it was thought that higher education is connected to greater incomes and better lifestyles however the fat levels or Body Mass Index (BMI) has been found to have immense control on mental health.

1928 ladies took part in the survey with BMI 18.5 to 39.9 in the category of normal, overweight, obese 1, obese 11 and obese 111. A questionnaire with personalized and standardized interviews was taken. The impact of higher education was clear in showing range of depression tendencies.

The status of depression amongst women was higher with higher alcohol consumption, demographic traits, diet, medical history which comes with higher education. The professionals were trained to great extents and were examining those women who did not have any other chronic disorders or diseases.

Obese 1 women, have 43 percent greater risk of depression than normal weighted ladies and obese 11 and 111 had 57 percent higher risk than normal women. All these finding prove that obesity and higher education go hand in hand with mental depression and should best be avoided in the budding states.

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