New Study: Personality traits can be determined by the way you eat, talk, sit or walk

London: Ways one sits, walks, eats or talks have likeliness of presenting insights uniquely onto traits of inherent personalities. This is revealed by newer studies. Study results show that mass displaying same characteristics behaviorally tends moving bodies in similar way. Mass having same movement tend displaying organized more collective behaviors.

Additionally a person moving in some ways reacts also in same ways whilst performing tasks jointly. People further with movements comparable finds also easy coordination with one another at times of interactions inter-personally. Studies reveal that movements indicate characteristics behaviorally personally. It is told by Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova, professor at University of Exeter, in Britain.

Human movements although have been studied well, far lesser not understood well are differences in between all displaying when movement is there whilst smooth, fast or light. All mass have (IMS) individual motor signature. There are blueprints of differences subtle in ways there are movements in comparisons with any other person like weight or speed of movements.

IMS and as to how people interact with other people gives insights of mental health condition of theirs. This study was published in journal scientific interfaces by scientists. Teams used mirror games plain and 2 players had been asked for imitating one another’s movements. Studies opened up newer pathways for professionals of health for treating and diagnosing people, with especially mentally health factors.

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