New Study reveals that Intelligent people feels unhappy with socializing, but they love to be lonely

United Kingdom: A new study reveals that the Smart people found not feeling satisfaction of life, when they socialize with others. Thus, it is now correct to say that the Smart people may be much happier with their own company than in meetings with friends. It is notable that the two evolutionary Psychologists have conducted the study where they challenged the modern view in which the more social contact people have, they would likely be happier.

One of them is from London School of Economics who is Satoshi Kanazawa and Second one who is Norman Li from the Singapore Management University, propounded this study. Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li of Singapore Management University propose that the core social skills developed in our ancient past still hold sway over our happiness today.

Moreover, as per these scholars, in the root of modern happiness, the well- known ‘Savannah theory’ is having impact, and as per that theory, in the early life of the humans what factors are satisfying them, would still be found true in the modern life.

For explaining the findings shown in the study, the researchers found using data from a large long-term study, where adult humans from the age group of 18 to 28 were surveyed and also the instances were studied after applying the theory.

From amongst the number of factors, the researchers found focusing on just two factors, which as per them formed the basis for showing the variance between early ancient and modern life.

As per the researchers, moreover, they found people who are living in the more “densely populated areas” are less in their satisfaction from life.

Thus, these scholars formed a new concept where they suggest that the people who are from the extremely intelligent ones, found less satisfaction from life, when they go frequently more social for interactions. They explained actually, more frequent social interaction is actually linked with reduced satisfaction, among the persons with extremely intelligence.

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