New Study reveals that the Middle- aged individuals eating pears can see improvement in blood pressure and vascular function


Washington: New study reveals that the middle- aged men and women, having the risk of the developing cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, need to eat fresh pears for seeing improvement in the blood pressure and vascular function.

The fresh pear’s consumption by the Middle- aged men and women with the metabolic syndrome- MetS is evaluated as having antihypertensive effects in the clinical trial. Such MetS is a collection of major cardiovascular risk factors which are highly associated with the development of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

In the study, it was seen that there were about Fifty, both men and women who were from the age group of forty- five to sixty- five with three of the five features of MetS, were taken for study. While so, they were randomly assigned a task to receive either 2 medium sized or about 178 grams of fresh pears of fifty grams pear- flavoured drink mixture, each days for 12 weeks. And the researchers found results among the thirty- six participants, who were preliminary analysed, that after the said period of twelve weeks and their fresh pear consumptions of aforesaid quantity per days in such period, shown the significant lowering of the systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure  than baseline levels. However, they saw no changes in the control group.

Moreover, as per the researchers, further the study required to be confirmed as to antihypertensive effects of fresh pears and also they needed to assess their research is needed to assess their impact on vascular function.

The lead author in the study- Sarah A Johnson also found stated that “these initial results are very promising.” This researcher conducted the said study while being at Florida State University.

Moreover, he added that in the United States with the “metabolic syndrome being of such high prevalence”, the researchers felt it important to explore the “potential functional foods like ‘Pears’ to improve cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure in affected middle-aged adults.”

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