New Study reveals use of Cocaine puts youngsters at increased stroke risk

United States: A recent study in United State is suggesting that those in their age of Thirty(s) and Fourty(s) and are using cocaine, might raise their threat of stroke by six- fold.

The scientists from the University of Maryland found analyzing the population- based case- control study, where 1090 cases were studied and 1154 were controlled, including those in their 30s and 40s, and found that cocaine use in the twenty- four hours before it could raise risk to a large extent.

Further, the Researchers also found that, the use of cocaine ever was not associated with stroke with 28 per cents of cases and 26 per cents of controls reporting ever use.

Also, the study said that the smoking of drug in a crack form will increase the stroke risk eight- fold. Moreover, as per the author- Steven J. Kittner, from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System in Baltimore, said that the “Cocaine causes rapid increase in blood pressure” and also it can “cause cardiac problems, which can lead to stroke”. And these are among the other factors.

It was seen noted that data from a study which was taken place in the period since from 1992 to 2008, were taken by the researchers for their analysis. In that study, over a thousand ischemic stroke’s cases were identified in the people between ages Fifteen to Forty-nine years from hospitals in the Baltimore/ Washington DC area. Also it was seen there that due to blood vessel’s blockage in the human brains, a clotting of blood, the Ischemic stroke is being caused, and is most common king of stroke.

Moreover, it was also seen in the study, the researchers found matching these cases of stroke to One thousand and more similar people were safe against such a stroke. Also it was observed that the victims of stroke were more similar than comparison group like of smokers of tobacco and diabetes history holder ones and also high blood- pressure victims.

Thus, it is concluded that the date which the researchers have drawn consistent with a casual association between acute cocaine use and risk of early- onset ischemic stroke- IS. Moreover, this study is found in journal Stroke.

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