New Study says, Good Fat Can Keep Blood Sugar Level Stable

Sydney: Teams of scientists from Australia showed that the brown fat-that is special fat type burn energies for producing heat. It also helps for keeping blood sugars stable in middle aged grouped people. “Good” or brown fat helps in minimising fluctuation in concentration of blood glucose or blood sugar in middle age group masses.

Brown fat took glucose so much that one wonders as to whether this brown fat targeting therapies help in controlling diabetes. This was told by Paul Lee from Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research. More brown fat a person has, more he will have influences on blood glucose. It was added by Lee in papers published in “Cell Metabolism” journals.

Brown fat sits just in neck and above collarbone. It acts like heat generators thereby helping in keeping body warm by burning fat and sugar. Teams desired measuring activities of brown fat in 15 grouped adults healthy over time duration of 12 hours. Thermometer small had been placed over collarbones of people. Skin temperatures measurements at collarbone allow estimation of activities of brown fat.

Results revealed that levels of blood glucose and productions of heat by brown fats had been related closely together tracking over times. Brown fats are promising and interesting. But it is not ultimate solution of curing diabetes. Exercise regularly and diet balanced are cornerstones of metabolism healthy. It is not being forgotten.

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