New Study shows ‘Sunscreen Gene’ can be taken for protecting against ‘Melanoma- Skin Cancer’

skin cancer

Los Angeles: To protect the skin against the melanoma, the researchers found ‘Sunscreen gene’ which may help the people in this connection. Melanoma is the deadliest form of the skin cancer, and the patients with such decease and with deficient or mutant copies of the “UV radiation Resistance Associated Gene” are very less protected from harmful ultra- violet rays.

Moreover, the scholar from the University of Southern California (US)- Chengyu Liang found stated that if the functioning of the UV- resistant gene and processes by which the cells repair themselves after UV damage, are understood then drugs can be found for reverting a misguided mechanism.”

It is notable that over ninety percents of the melanoma skin cancers come as results of cell damage from UV radiation’s exposure, as per researchers. And this study, after using data from 340 melanoma patients, shows that the researchers were able to show a correlation with increased cancer risk.

Earlier, firstly the UV- resistant gene was discovered by scientists nearly two decades ago in connection with the disease namely Xeroderma Pigmentosum, which makes people extremely sensitive to sunlight and puts them at high risk for developing skin cancer. And now, the scientists have found what the UV- resistant gene doing and how it is operating in a general population. The findings in this study was published in the journal Molecular Cell.

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