New Study: Small Birds have 2 times faster Vision Abilities when compared to Humans

Sweden: As per newer studies, visions of smaller perching birds in wilds is 2 times quicker when compared with humans and fast when compared with vertebrates. Scientist from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala University and Stockholm University in Sweden revealed that there are abilities of resolving visual details in times in 3 wild small passerine species. Names are pied flycatcher, blue tit and collared flycatcher.

Abilities are eyesight’s temporal resolutions. Meaning is numbers of changes/ second animals have perceiving capabilities. This is compared with visual acuity. Meaning is measuring details/degree numbers in vision fields. This is told by scientists. Birds being wild caught trained received food rewarding by making differences in between pairs of lamps, 1 flickering and 1 shining in constant lights. Temporal resolutions were determined then by incrementing flicker rates to thresholds.

At this bird no long can differentiate between lamps. These thresholds are called Critical Flicker Fusion Rates (CFF). It is averaged in between 129Hz and 137Hz. in small birds it is 146Hz. In humans it is 60Hz. In vertebrates it is 96Hz.

Fast visions are in fact more features typically of birds generalised when compared with visual acuity. Preying birds only seem having this ability of seeing extreme sharper focusses. Whilst human visual acuities outshine that of nearly all different studied bird species. This was told by Anders Odeen.

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