New Study: Twitter Can Help You Quit Smoking By Tweet2Quit Programme

United States: As per newer studies Twitter (micro-blogging websites) helps smokers in kicking butts very efficiently than old ways. Various subjects have been tested for non-traditional methods like Tweet2Quit which is a fully automated real-time smoke intervention program. Tweet2Quit is twice as effective as those subjects who used normal and traditional methods of cigarette quitting.

After 60 days of time, 40 percent Tweet2Quit participants and 20 percent control participants showed sturdy abstinence to smoking. Tweet2Quit provides low in cost and hybrid tobacco treatment by social media on global scales according to Cornelia Pechmann, University of California. This is pointed out due to high range of scalability of social media.

Messages which are automated are delivered to private, small as well as self motivated groups of people who are smokers using a hybrid approach. 23 percent tweets are responding to automated tests while 77 percent of the smokers are more spontaneous.

Online discussion is emphasized by various open questions about smoking which encourage the smoker to quit smoking and answer these questions which has an effective impact in their lives. The Journal named tobacco Control established these results. Experts of treatment of tobacco take part in these and other such online discussions in prevention of health deterioration by tobacco smoking.

Judith J Prochaska, Stanford University has further acclaimed these results and given a positive feedback.

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