New Talks: Human-like robot may one day care for dementia patients

Nadine with her face being expressive, hair being brown and skin being soft is newer brands of robot like humans. One day researchers could hope that she can be used like care providers or personal assistants for elder people.

Nadine being 1.7 metre tall had been created in factors of similarities of its creator namely Nadia Thalmann. She was visiting director and professor of Nanyang Technological University’s Institute of Media Innovation of Singapore. She had spent 3 decades whilst making researches on human virtual. Software of Nadine allow robot for expressing range of emotion, recalling conversation previously.

There is no commercial availability of Nadine. But Thalmann conducted predictions that robot some day can be used as people suffering from dementia companions. In case you leave dementia patients all along themselves then they might go down too much quickly. Therefore such patients require constant interactions. Nadine can tell stories, play simplified games and provide conversations. This was told by Thalmann.

Thalmann with team work also on robots emotive which could conduct playing with kids. Projects are in early stages of developments still. No prototypes are yet available. Child robots have abilities of displaying emotions, recognizing people and answering questions. Apart from being socialized companions, child robots can supervise children unattended thereby informing nanny or parent if anything is wrong. These were added by Thalmann.

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