Newer Vaccines Shows Good Result against Chikungunya Virus

United States: Scientist, one being an Indian has developed vaccines novel regimens. This produces long-term rapid protections against (CHIKV) Virus of Chikungunya. This is transmitted by mosquitoes causing joint pains and fevers which becomes sometimes disabling and severe. Out-breaking of this virus has happened already in Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 2013 late virus had been seen first in America’s with case numbers increasing dramatically. No vaccines exist presently for treating or preventing this virus. Studies have revealed this. Vaccination regimens tested in studies in turn provided persistent stable response for fighting virus along with global rapid incidences increasing. This was told by 1st author of studies Karrupiah Muthumani being assistant professor at Wistar Institute in Philadelphia US.

New approaches were likely having importance for varieties of non-infectious and infectious disease. It was noted by Muthumani. Studies being published in Journal of Infectious Diseases revealed that strategies of vaccines boost immunity systems by producing rapidly antibodies for fighting back CHIKV. This is combined with DNA based traditional vaccines approaches providing long term and short term protections both against virus.

Vaccination strategy antigen-based needs lagging time leaving patient being susceptible to disease and infection. This was told by senior authors of studies namely David Weiner from Wistar Institute. Strategies novel for generation of rapid immunity protections have abilities of filling gaps in ways CHIKV vaccines developed.

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