News: Google Docs updates makes Navigation Easier

SAN FRANCISCO: General masses utilise Google Docs for chores daily. Presently services got just updated with newer handy “outlining” features. This lets jumping by you into various document sections in snaps. This does away with scrolling requirements. Features come essentially in handy when one browses through documents lengthy like thesis or case studies.

This lets one hop from one section onto other thereby saving times valuable in process. Updates are available presently on desktops and Android both. On desktop, user sees newer Outlining panels on left. This shows sections of header of documents. This is very same as to what contents tables look. You can click onto headers particularly in documents.

You are in turn taken to sections particularly with clicks singly. Users could enable features for going to Tools > Document outline. Updates of outlines are in real times. It is immediately case when you conduct addition of newer headers to documents of yours. You could conduct items removals from outlines by your cursor’s putting across them. They click X buttons.

Features are available on devices of Android. It pops up when you begin scrolling across documents. Needed factor is conducting tapping on smaller navigations button for seeing outlines of documents. Sadly, users of iOS are deprived of these features. Reason is that Google has not announced as to when features are present on Apple’s mobile device.

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