NIA Officer Killing case: Police suspects two strangers found on Wedding Video, which NIA officer last attended

New Delhi: It was on Saturday, i.e. on 2nd April, when a National Investigation Agency Officer- Mohammad Tanzeel was shot to death, that day he was found attending a wedding in the Uttar Pradesh and the video footage from the family wedding in Uttar Pradesh reveals that there were two strangers who were also seemed attending the wedding whom no one can identify.

Thus, the police took both of these strangers in their suspicion and police officials further said that they decided to search about these two strangers by asking relatives, guests and also the service providers at the wedding, however, yet there is no results as to their identity. it is also declared from the police, as per sources, that if these stranger men would not be identified by today, i.e. Tuesday evening then the photographs of these suspects will be released by them as ‘suspects in the murder of Mr. Tanzeel’.

While returning from the wedding, the National Investigation Agency’s officer- Mr. Tanzeel was shot 21 times reported to death, in his car, while there being also his wife and his children were present in the car, his wife too sustained serious bullet injuries.

Now as per Vijay Meena- the senior UP Police officer found stated that the strangers are yet to be identified and now police is heavily relying upon their identification, as can be inferred from this.

These strangers are two in number as, notably, the accused who shot Tanzeel were also two. Moreover, the brother- Monammed Raquib also pointed that there were two unknown men and they were not belonging there. Raquib stated that, when those two strangers were spotted in the marriage celebration, they were asked that whom they represent, but in answer they named Raquib’s brother- in- law, however, they were calling him ‘Iqbal Singh’ instead of Mohammed Iqbal, whose actual name.

Now, as also shown by the investigators, they are now seeking to investigate ‘whether a popular and most respectable officer- Mr. Tanzeel was killed as result of ‘personal enmity’ or ‘then because of his work on terror cases’.

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