NIA Officer’s Killing: Wife of officer- Tanzil Ahmed died after 9 days of attack

New Delhi: After a shocking killing of the National Investigation Agency’s officer- Tanzil Ahmed on April 3, now his wife too died while in the hospital. Farzana- the wife of the deceased NIA officer was fighting with death since from 9 days in the hospital, as she had also received several bullet injuries.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences- AIIMS declared her death. Farzana was also accompanied the deceased Tanzil Ahmed- NIA offer while he was shot to death. They were also having their children with them in their car, when two motorcyclists attacked them by starting firing gun shots. It was informed that the said NIA officer was shot over 20 times and his wife too received several bullets injuries, while their children managed to escape out of car.

The Husband- Tanzeel along with his wife and children was returning from Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor, while so on his way such incident happened.

NIA officer’s wife- Farzana who was 40 years of her age was immediately rushed towards the Noida- based hospital and later on last Monday she was taken to the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences Trauma Centre.

As per the sources, the wife- Farzana had received several injuries of bullet in her abdomen and leg and one of the bullets had also pierced through her intestine, and a life- saving surgery was also performed by the doctors immediately. It was also informed meantime that her condition was somehow improved, however, she continued to remain critical.

The NIA officer along with his wife and two children went to marriage ceremony of her niece, and as per the earlier reports, the police had found a suspected person in the video recordings of the marriage ceremony.

Later, after some investigation the police had reached to the decision under which they arrested two people over the said assassination of the Tanzil Ahmed, and notable one of those two arrested is relative of Tanzil. On last Tuesday the said arrests were made, but police also made it clear that the prime / key accused in the case is still evade a multi- stage dragnet.

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