Noida Police Raid: Sub-Inspector Khan died; His family blames Police Team for delaying in taking him to Hospital

Akhtar Khan

New Delhi: A Sub- Inspector- Akhtar Khan who was leading a team while raiding a hideout of criminals, was allegedly shot dead as Police attempted to nab criminals on the run early on yesterday, now the Dadri Police have ordered an enquiry into such allegations that he was abandoned by his team during such raid.

The raid was conducted at Nai Abadi area of Dadri, which is around 30 kilometres from New Delhi. And in this operation, the police’s team was to raid a hideout of Fukran and Javed at the said location.

The sub- inspector, namely, Akhtar Khan was about forty- years- old of his age and he was leading such team which had raided such hideout of criminals. After such death, the family of sub- inspector and some of the witnesses found questioning the response of raiding party. Such encounter was lasted over an hour, when he was shot dead.

As per the Cousin of Khan, namely, Mohammad Shahrukh who presents for receiving his dead body, said that over twelve policemen were shown to have raided, “but no one came forward to pull him out.” He also added that “all of them ran for cover and kept hiding till the criminal fled from the spot.” And as such, the sub- inspector was shown to have lost much blood from his body and resultantly he died. Mohammand Shahrukh also claimed that “I have heard that he was taken to the hospital at about 6:00 AM while the firing occurred at about 4:10 AM. What was the team doing for nearly two hours?” he questioned.

Thus, in the allegations, the Khan’s family firmly involving the Police team and said that they did not work professionally and failed to save Khan after he was injured due to shots.

In the questions to the team, the family also found asking that “when they knew that the suspects were armed, then why did they keep Khan in front of them?” and this claimed by them as showing the “police team does not have enough experience to handle such situations.” Thus, in response, the family was seeking Police to take action against such officers “who left Khan after he was shot.”

Thus, today, as per the Superintendent of Police (rural), Gautam Budh Nagar, namely, Abhishek Yadav found stated “an inquiry will be conducted in the allegations levelled. If anyone is found lax in performing his duty, strict action will be taken against him.”

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