Now Beggars are being used for Liquor Smuggling in Bihar

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Bihar: Liquor in Bihar is the biggest issue, now it is being pointed, reportedly, that the beggars who were not choosers, now becoming the major parts as increasingly chosen for the Special tasks called liquor smuggling, in the border areas in the state including the districts of Kishanganj, Araria, West Champaran, East Champaran and Sitamarhi.

The report is based on the statements came out from the Police department, and as per a Police official, who termed the beggars as, are usually getting benefits of doubt, and he also found stating that “hardly anyone suspect them” for their involvement in such things. However, beggars have emerged as the safest best as carriers of liquor from across the border without getting noticed.

Recently, when the sudden burst in the beggars’ movement was seen in the areas mostly called border areas, and when such movements were noticed by the security personnel who were deployed in the border areas, the shocking facts came out.

While, stating such shocking facts, the police officials also found reportedly stated that the officials from the Shashstra Seema Bal detected some of the carriers as physically- challenged beggars, who were being carried in the small wooden cart driven by fellow beggars for evading the eyes of police.

Moreover, as such beggars who generally, getting loved and careful eyes from others, how one can suspect any one of them being carrying such liquor for smuggling. The personnel refused to check the ‘carries’ wearing false bandage on their legs and hands and behaving like leprosy patients.

Now, such beggars are earning huge some amounts comparing to their begging income, as observed from the admission which is being made by Sanichra who was detained as one of such smuggler at Raxaul Border, he admittedly said that he earned about Rs. 500 daily doing such job.

The Government Railway Police also provided its taken details where it has stated that the Peddlers have used beggars and poor women for smuggling the liquor by express trains going to Bihar from West Bengal. Moreover, it is also reportedly, pointed that the same or similar trick is being also used earlier for smuggling contrabands.

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