Now Yoga- based treatment claiming solution against Cancer

Bengaluru: The Union Minister- Shripad Naik found praising Yoga against Cancer deceases, in his statements made on Saturday.

Yoga which is considered as having its origin from the India ancient history, is proved beneficial against Cancer, as treatment which can take away the patient from the need for chemotherapy. And it is also stated in its praise that Yoga- based treatment can cure the cancer.

While speaking on the sideline of the AYUSH expo, which was arranged by the Central Ministry near Panaji, the concerned Minister sought to maintain that the documentation which were submitted by the deemed Yoga University, from Bengaluru, will be vetting by the ministry. These documentations are speaking of their involving of Yoga practices for curing the patients suffering from cancer.

In the statement preferred by the Minister- Naik, he found stated that the Bengluru- based instate found a yoga technique which will prevent and cure the Cancer. Moreover, he further said his ministry is in process to collect and vet the documentations.

The Bengaluru- based deemed university, namely, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana’s claimed “cancer cure” is prima facie considered by the Minister- Naik, for which he was confident, as he said. The University is deemed university, which is headed by H. R. Narendra, who is a Mechanical Engineer and worked as a Post- Doctoral research associate at NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in the year 1970.

Moreover, as on the question that what more time the AYUSH ministry would require for vetting the documentations which were presented to it by the deemed University, the Minister replied that as per his opinion, “it will take about a year”.

It is notable that the world’s leading research bodies are found engaging in their researchers to find best possible solution on the disease of cancer, however, even after their invested years of time, they are still not able to provide perfect remedial solution. But now Yoga can do this, it is now hopefully offering all perfect remedy to cure the disease from its very base, as has been claimed by the university, and all would be clarified with the ministry.

Another notable thing is that our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a practitioner of yoga. So there is a hope for people suffering from cancer to gain the benefits of this research as he will definitely do needful action to make this as a supporting treatment in entire cancer centers across the nation.

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