Officer from National Investigation Agency, shot 21 times to death, by Unidentified persons

New Delhi: An officer from the National Investigation Agency- NIA was shot to death in Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh), yesterday, on 2nd April. As per the statements preferred for the agency, the said officer killed in a “planned attack”. Moreover, the investigation to find out all the possibilities like connection of terror acts, behind the attack, is being carried out by the Uttar Pradesh officials.

It was yesterday, when the said deceased officer- Mohammad Tanzil was travelling with his wife and children in a car, was suddenly shot to death, however, the wife and children of the deceased were also injured, due to such incident. They were, reportedly, returning from a wedding, yesterday’s night.

The said deceased officer- Mohammad Tanzil was serving as National Investigation Agency’s Deputy Superintendent of Police and he was reportedly, shot to death at from close range by Two unidentified gunmen, who were on motorcycle near Sahaspur town. It is notable that his wife who was also present in the car, she suffered serious injuries, and now she is in critical condition.

Moreover, as per the Additional Director General of the Police of Uttar Pradesh- Daljit Chowdhry, he said there has been taken place “a very serious offence” in the district. Also he said Police has “taken it very seriously”. Further, it was pointed by him that the body of the deceased has been sent for the post-mortem, and the reality in connection with the incident would be brought out soon later.

Moreover, he further said that soon after the attack, the borders of the State had been sealed and the police officials and their team are “trying to find out the accused persons” and also the actual “motive” behind the murder.

Also, while inspecting the spot, the Forensic Science Laboratory teams are also required to rush there. Moreover, as per Raghib Ahmed- the brother of deceased, said that the deceased was shot at Twenty- One times and his wife sustained four bullet injuries. Also, he added that the deceased was having no enmity against anyone and also he was “friendly, cheerful person”.

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