One Day Policy Workshop on Foreign Contribution Regulation Act by iPleaders

On 15th March, 2016: The iPleaders which is a legal education business enterprise in association with Amity Institute of Public Policy organizes One-day workshop-cum-training session in Amity University, Noida. The workshop will deal with different issues governing the policies of the government and the effective implementation of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA). The workshop aims to sensitize the organizations that are registered and young professionals on different provisions related with the implementation and compliance of the FCRA, 2010. The workshop will discuss the registration process under FCRA, usual obstacles and the remedies to solve the situation. It will also discuss on the policies of the government with regard to foreign donations and the need for imparting awareness on the NGOs.

Another important point for discussion will be the regulations and controls imposed on the funds granted to registered Organizations and the importance of maintenance of accounts. There will also be a talk on the process of audit of accounts if registered under FCRA. The inspection by intelligence bureau, the result of violating foreign donations law, Search and Seizure, Offences and Penalties will also be dealt with. Where the license granted under FCRA is canceled arbitrarily, there are some legal and judicial remedies available which will be pointed out in the workshop.

There will be two sessions in addition to individual lectures and panel discussions. Another session is for hands on practice and case study solving. It will be related with registration, cancellation and show cause. The participants shall be those interested in foreign contribution and the decision makers working under NGOs. In addition, lawyers, accountants and professionals shall also be part of the workshop. The sessions will be handled by eminent persons, chartered accountants, partners of law firms, finance officers, litigants etc. Few seats are reserved for law students and public. Participation is permitted only through registration. The interested participants can register through The participants can be benefited by understanding the procedures and compliance with the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 through interactive sessions and discussions.

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