OnePlus 3: Updates of OnePlus become more frequently posted by Android M says Pete Lau

China: Report says that OnePlus 3 smartphone has been releasing in 2016 June. CEO of company Pete Lau have surety that this shall be most meaningful and used smartphone to be bought by people in this 2016. As per reports, fewer OnePlus phones already have begun getting updates of Android Marshmallow. This is starting of updates of more timed software till date.

It is valuable for users because phone experiences become better. Lau talked regarding updates that were considered as milestones by him. Details more regarding company and phones at SURGE conference in Bengaluru revealed information related with OnePlus and Pete Lau. For beginning with Lau is obsessive to extents that he utilised 3 months for getting OnePlus 3’s curvature backs just rightly. Reason is that this smartphone should feel best in hands.

Pete Lau has fixation and inclinations towards perfection. One story which reveals this goes like this that Lau smashed logic boards when he headed division of Oppo’s Blu-ray. Reason is that he was not happy and pleased with circuit designs. Lau left eventually Oppo for starting OnePlus with teams of 6 members thereby building OnePlus One beloved smartphones.

In 2 years’ time span, team members’ numbers went up till 700. There is selling of 1 million OnePlus One smartphones throughout world. He stuck to e-commerce and raised money.

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