Our Impossible Love

Our Impossible Love

Book Review: In the world of competition, there can be seen number of people adopting various ways to attain success. However, the success which is attained by cheating other ones, cannot be called success, at all. Similar, situation is also available in relation to the love stories, there are number of love stories, which can have seen existed on this earth, where benefits are seen, and as such, these stories cannot be at all called love stories, because love is pure and much pure, but people willingly playing with the emotions of the others so that they will be benefited in it. And this practice is really very bad. However, there are some true love stories available in this world and the people truly love their concerned one, need not always live life together, but this world can require them to be separated. And this is happened many time in this world, and as such the people whose hearts are broken in love, due to the various customs and traditions adopted by this world, would get many disturbed life. The present book is as such offering the amazing story of for the readers where, one can see the story of Impossible Love.

Moreover, this love story book is brought from the top writer from India, Durjoy Datta. The author has taken birth in New Delhi, India and completed a degree in engineering and business management before embarking on a writing career. But, his passion in writing inspired him to write and as such he wrote his first book ‘Of Course I Love You’ was published when he was only twenty- one years old and it was an instant bestseller. Again, he brought several amazing novels, ‘Now That You’re Rich!’, ‘She Broke Up, I Didn’t!’, ‘Ohh Yes, I Am Single!’, ‘You Were My Crush’, ‘If It’s Not Forever’, ‘Till the Last Breath’, ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Hold My Hand’, ‘When Only Love Remains’, ‘World’s Best Boyfriend’ and also this amazing publication was published and they have also found prominence on various bestseller lists, making him one of the highest- selling authors in India. Also, Durjoy Datta has to his credit six television shows and has written over a thousand episodes for television. He lives in Mumbai and ruled for his amazing writing on the hearts of many youngsters and other people.

Thus, the present book is also brought from this great novelist. This book is also providing the story of a love couple, where Aisha, a bit of a late bloomer, has to figure out what it means to be a woman and to be desired and Danish who feels time is running out for him and he is going to end up as a nobody, as opposed to his overachieving, determined younger brother. The story turns on when Danish is appointed as the student counsellor to Aisha. And the path of the story is requiring to figure out love, life, friendship and this is not proving to be easy. Moreover, the readers will also be provided with the amazing thoughts and reach of the author, and his great quotations like ‘Life teaches us what ‘love’ truly is; and love gives definition to ‘life’ and also ‘Our Impossible Love presents; Life the way it is and Love the way it should be’.

Thus, the present book is launched by this amazing author, Durjoy Datta, who have announced it in the early of 2016. And as such this book is recently launched. Also, notably, there are huge fans following to the author and his writings, as such, soon the book is launched, there can be seen amazing reviews from the readers and this book is also rated with 3.9 out of 5. Thus, it is truly amazing book offered from this top author. Moreover, it is also placed in the books market in the amazing prices, so that anyone can easily purchase it and read it.

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Our Impossible Love

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