P. Chidambaram to be arrested and detained in Jail under National Security Act, BJP’s Subramanian Swamy says

Subramanian Swamy

New Delhi: Today, on Tuesday, 19th April the BJP- Bhartiya Janata Party leader- Subramanian Swamy sought to come down heavily on the former Home Minister- P. Chidambaram for signing the first affidavit in the encounter case of Ishrat Jahan, and demanded his arrest under the provisions of the National Security Act.

The issue is connected with the explosion at the Samjhauta Express. The BJP’s leader Subramanian Swamy sought to point the statements of the Former Home Minister- P. Chidambaram where he had said that he never “signed the first one, only corrected it.” However, as per Swamy the said P. Chidambaram lied, as “we know,” as per Swamy. He also added that “That is telling a lie on the affidavit. I think, Chidambaram has harmed the country by delaying and sabotaging the investigation into the Samjhauta Express explosion and making it out to be a Hindu terror matter.”

Moreover, the BJP’s national leader also sought to maintain that as per the United Nations- UN which has already declared Lashkar- e- Toyba as an international terrorist organisation on the basis of its involvement in the Samjhauta Express explosion. Moreover, it was also told by him that the concerned- Ishrat Jahan is also already declared by the Indian Intelligence Bureau as a part of said LeT, as also told to P. Chidambaram, as he said. Thus, Swamy added that when all such had been done by the former minister- P. Chidambaram, on the behest of Sonia Gandhi- Congress party’s president, then he shall also clarify it.

Thus, in all situations, the BJP’s national leader found seeking the arrest of the former home minister- Chidambaram, under the provisions of the National Security Act and also he sought Chidambaram to be detained in Jail.

Moreover, it was also seen earlier in the development of the case, the then Home Minister- P. Chidambaram had as per media reports, signed the first affidavit where the concerned Ishrat Jahan and other three were declared as terrorists, however, later a month, all these four were given a clean chit by making amendments in the affidavit, and making second affidavit.

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