Pakistan undertakes major Military operations in Punjab: would be in wake of Lahore blast

Islamabad: Yesterday, i.e. on 28th March, a Massive Military operation in Punjab Province was launched by Pakistan, in the wake of the deadly Taliban suicide bombing which was effected in Lahore (Pakistan).

A series of operations in the various parts of Punjab were carried out by the Intelligence Agencies, Army and Rangers officials. Punjab which is considered as most crowded province, is turned in pains and sorrow.

It is however, notable that such series of operations were carried out, after a day on which there was a suicide bomb blast witnessed in Taliban at a popular part, which was seen resulting in killing of around 72 people which including most of the women and children.

Asim Bajwa- a Director General of army media wing- Inter-Services Public Relations- ISPR, found stated unofficially earlier that in the widespread operations which, being similar to the that which is being in process in the northwest of country and also in Karachi, had been launched. Moreover, he further stated that in connection with the attacks, during the five raids which were effected in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, in the wake of suicide bombing attack, the officials found arresting number of suspected terrorists and facilitators. Also, he added that in recovery, a big cache of “arms and ammunition” were also found, by the officials in security.

Moreover, it was seen that, as the militant’s hideouts’ present was supposed there in Punjab province, there was seen a long- time demand for launching a military operations in Southern part of it.

Moreover, for launching such comprehensive operations in the Punjab province, the Prime Minister of the Pakistan- Nawaz Sharit and also Raheel Sharif- the Chief of Army Staff General, separately conducted an high- level security meetings for reviewing such situations. The law and enforcement agencies and also Army and Rangers specially were directed by them in connection with such operations.

Also, the Lahore suicide bomb attackers, especially, the person killed himself was “Yousuf” who happened to be a son of Ghulam Farid, who being the resident of Muzzafargarh in Southern Punjab.

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