Pakistani arrested a Man, terming him a RAW agent, whom India claims no link

New Delhi: Today, the India’s neighboring country- Pakistan found protesting against the “illegal entry” of the a so called RAW officer which was arrested in the Pakistani province of Balochistan, also, they sought to challenge his “subversive activities”. However, India found claiming no connection with the person was so arrested.

The Pakistan’s all such allegations in connection with the so call RAW officer, found rejected by the Indian External Affairs Ministry. And its spokesperson said, after denying the allegation of spying, that they (Indian) believes that the stable Pakistan is in the interest of the region.

Also, as per the statements released from the Foreign Office, the Foreign Secretary has summoned Gautam Bambawale- the High Commissioner in India, today on Friday and “through a demarche conveyed our protest and deep concern on the illegal entry into Pakistan” by such so called RAW officer and also about his connection in the subversive activities in Pakistani region- Balochistan and Karachi. No more details were given in the statements.

It was further seen that the Pakistan’s protest was seemed to have been initiated after a day on which, the arrest of the RAW “agent” by the Security agencies was claimed by the Pakistani officials.

Mir Sarfaraz Bugti- the Home Minister of Balochistan yesterday found identifying the so called RAW official and he named him as ‘Kulbhushan Yadav’. Moreover, as per Home Minister of Balochistan, the arrested man was an officer from the Commander rank in the Naval force of India and further he claimed he was working for external intelligence agency of India.

Also, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, claimed that there was a connection between arrested person and “Baloch Separatists and Terrorists” and they were raising the “sectarian violence” in Balochistan.

Moreover, as per Bugti, the so called RAW agent was taken into the custody by the Pakistani Intelligence agency, three days ago and thereafter he was taken to Islamabad for questioning. Further, the Minister- Bugti gave no more information on this issue.

However, India is now claiming no link with the person arrested in Pakistan, but authorities in India found seeking consular access to him.

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