Pakistani Cricket fans feels betrayed by Shahid Afridi On ICC World T20 Tour

Kolkata: The response of Pakistani Media against the Statement made by the Cricket team’s skipper Shahid Afridi, which came as meager shock. It is very amazing that the Pakistani cricket teams’s captain is not just considered as the leader of the cricket team, in addition, he is viewed as much greater than that. He is the most recent captain to the Pakistani Cricket Team and confronting the fierceness of irate fans and TRP-driven shows.

For the World T20, after arriving India, the Pak-Captain-Shahid Afridi said that they don’t get such love even from their parent country. The announcements were favored by him, in the press session held at Kolkata.

It is called by Shahid being the retirement adherent and part-time cricketer, as stops from lauding India after his last outing made a furore back home in Pakistan.

Recently, Shahid Afridi found claiming that he generally cherished coming and playing in India more than Pakistan. Likewise, according to his perspectives, he looked to report his retirement from the format of the discourse, and it is outstandingly his 284th retirement’s declaration in his life. Additionally in clarification he expressed that BCCI can just offer him security in India, furthermore he need to return back home. He said he would prefer not to wind up in prison such as that Virat Kohli fan. Subsequently, he said he is finished.

Being hobbyist Cardiologist-Afridi additionally tried to keep up the size of Indian hearts has grown to XXL size from the last World Cup, the Pak’s team played in India in the year 2011, however, he said it seemed to have been at the expense of hearts of Pakistanis. He said they have shrunk.

Besides, eminently, the Afridi was asked by the Ex-Pakistani Cricketer-Javed Miandad that to refrain from generalizing whole India, in the wake of listening to the mottos at JNU.

However, the fresh retirement’s announcement from the captain- Shahid Afridi, is now welcomed by the Pakistani crowd. The Pakistani fans from Jammu and Kashmir side, found stating that as the Lala has won more matches for India than he has won for Pakistan, he is as such obviously loved by Indian more than Pakistanis.

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