Paris Climate Agreement is signed by 175 countries: UN Secretary General says ‘race against time’

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Paris: Yesterday, on 22nd April, Friday, the historic- Paris Climate Agreement was seen marking a major milestone with a record of 175 countries, and of course including India too which has signed that agreement on its opening day. However, still as per the world leaders, more action is needed, and quickly, to fight a relentless rise in the temperature in the world.

Notably, the earth planet is heating up to a record level, and also due to overheat, the glaciers melting speedily and this leads to rising in the sea water levels and as such the pressure was experienced for having the said Paris Climate Agreement into force, and also for having every country’s words turned into deeds, and thus the U. N. Signing ceremony conducted.

Moreover, while so, the Secretary General to the United Nations- Ban Ki- moon said in his opening speech that the “world is in a race against time.” Also he added that the “era of consumption without consequences is over.”

Moreover, he also demanded promises from the countries who were signing the said agreement/ covenant, he said “today you (countries) are signing a new covenant with the future. This covenant must amount to more than promises.”

Also, it is shown reportedly, that in the fifty- five countries this agreement will be once entered into force representing at least 55% of the global emissions have formally joined it, also until 2020, the process initially expected to take effect.

Moreover, while so, the world’s top carbon emitter country- China has announced that it would “finalise domestic procedures” to ratify the agreement before the G20 summit in China in September.

The second rank is with United States which is considered as the second- largest emitter, in the world, It reiterated its intention to ratify this year as did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Leaders of Mexico and Australia.

Another top emitter, the 28- nation European Union’s Maros Sefcovic- the energy Chief also said that the European Union wants to be in the “first wave” of ratifying counties.

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