Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers meet on the issue of ECC


Yesterday, i.e. on Wednesday 6th April, the passenger vehicle manufacturers like Mahindra and Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota and Mercedes Benz have meet on the issue of Supreme Court’s ban on the registration of the diesel cars and SUVs with the engine capacity of 2000 cc and above in the National Capital Region. There were to find out the way forward from this issue.

It was seen earlier that the honourable Supreme Court of India has made a decision to direct to the effect that the there should not effected any registration of the vehicles/ car and SUVs (diesels) having engine capacity of 2000 cc and above, and this was seemed in its concerns to environment.

Now, as per the sources from the industries, the companies yesterday decided to meet, and in such meet even thought the issue was discussed, however, a final decision was not taken on the road map and the top executives of the companies as such have decided to meet again later in this week. The next meet would be for their decision on the issue of ‘how to address the issue over the environmental compensation cess- ECC.

The sources also found stated that the said meet was a “closed door meeting” and it was on the issue that how to tackle such ECC issue. And as such final decision is not arrived at, the top officials of such passenger vehicle manufacturers would be meeting later this week.

Moreover, the sources further added that there was seen some of the representatives of the top manufacturers who had come to join meeting, with their idea to accept the said ECC and get the ban lifted. However, others seemed, as per sources, pointing the long- term implications of such move in case of other cities too.

It was seen earlier on 31st day of March, this year that the honourable Apex Court heard the pleas and sought to direct the passenger vehicles manufacturing companies that have meet and come out with the “propositions” as such, some solutions would be fixed on this issue. Thus, the companies would have meet in connection with such directions.

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