Pathankot Attack: After Basit, Now BJP seeks to say ‘It is upto Pakistan to show how serious they are on commitments”

When a statement from the Abdul Basit- a Pakistani High Commissioner, that the bilateral peace process with remains suspended as New Delhi doesn’t want comprehensive talks, then BJP- Bhartiya Janata Party found stated today, on 8th April that it is up to the Islamabad to show ‘how serious it is on its commitments’ and Specifically when the issue of combating terrorism is in current.

It was seen today, that the spokesperson from BJP- Nalin Kohli todl media that when the issue is in concern, it was after the attack at Pathankot, the Prime Minister from Pakistan found stated, as per him, that they will “ensure that action is taken” and it was in that relation, the said Joint Investigation Team from Pakistan came in India. He further stated on that count, now the team from India is “supposed to go there on a reciprocal basis”. As such he said “now it is up to Pakistan to show that how serious it is on the issue of its commitments and also on the issue of combating terrorism”.

Moreover, he also found stated that the position of India is “now being acknowledge, recognized and even appreciated”. He added that when Prime Minister from Pakistan had made a commitment and now it is being denied despite “facing terrorist attacks in its own country”, then this can be treated as “the old policy of good terrorist, bad terrorist continues and every is taking not of it”.

Moreover, he also sought to praise the Indian Government’s policies, which he said “it is very clear that the three principle under Prime minister- Narendra Modi is that all talks will be bilateral, everything should be resolved peacefully and terror and talks won’t go together”.

However, as per the High Commissioner from Pakistan, who yesterday found stated that their country wants peaceful relations with India, however, it is as per him, India is not co- operating on any level. As such, the such statements can be safely be taken to mean that the NIA from India will not be given access to JeM chief Masood Azhar for the investigation into said Pathankot attack.

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