Pathankot attack issue: Pakistan says it was ‘Stage- managed by India, while India says it’s “double- speak”

New Delhi: As per the reports from the Pakistani media, the terror attack in Pathankot was “stage- managed” by the India and this seems to India as “double- Speak” by the security establishment of the Pakistan.

It can be seen as pointed from the Government sources that the report is being published in the Pakistani pro- government daily, and that report is showing that the ISI and Pakistan Army were doing double- speak. It is also notable as pointed in the Government sources that the Pakistani Join Investigation Team when visited India, they were provided by India irrefutable evidence. The Pakistan government sources also pointed that the team from the Pakistan was here in India regarding the involvement of Pakistan based terrorists.

Moreover, it is also seen that the report published in the Pakistani daily- Pakistan Today, is quoting an unnamed Joint Investigation Team’s member who reportedly, stated that the attack was nothing but “vicious propaganda” against Pakistan as there is no evidence with the Indian Authorities to back their claims.

Moreover, also it is reported that the Indian security forces, shot all the attackers to death, within hours of the assault. Further, it is stated that the authorities in India had made it a Three- day drama for getting maximum attention from the World Community with the view to malign Pakistan.

As such, the Pakistani agencies are now blaming India behind the attack and they are trying to say that the National Investigation Agency had not offered enough evidences to the Pakistani probing team.

However, sources from the Government says that the team from Pakistan was handed over whatever they asked for, and that was also including the certified copies of the witnesses’ statements too along with the reports of DNA of 4 terrorists, etc.

It was seen that the request from the Pakistan was received under section 188 of the Pakistani Criminal Procedure Code, wherein they sought the collection of evidences from the National Investigation Agency.

It was seen that the in the said attack, the terrorist in the night of 1st and 2nd day of January, attacked and seven security personnel along with some terrorist were killed therein.

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