PIL seeking directions against authorities in connection with Cyber Pornography

Madras High Court

Chennai: Before the honourable High Court of Madras a Public Interest litigation is being filed where directions of the court are sought to Police to take actions for checking the Cyber Pornography. The Court decided to direct the Crime Branch, Central Investigation Department and also Additional Director General of Police to file a counter affidavit on this PIL and its raised issue.

The said PIL was preferred by One- Akbar Ahmed who sought to maintain that he came across a website while surfing on the Internet and therein he found some porn contents. Moreover, he said pornography was having an extremely bad effect on the youth as well the adults. And also it is leading to various types of social and medical problems as well as perpetration of crime.

Moreover, while admitting the said PIL, the High Court of Madras’s concerned bench, comprising of Justice M. M. Sundresh and Justice- S. Vimala decided to ask the concerned authorities to file their counter affidavits, so that the issue of pornographic contents published online would be clearly and perfectly decided. While, so that court has decided to hear the plea by the Next date which will be 21st day of June, this year.

The petitioner in the said PIL further sought to maintain that the said contents had an extremely bad effect on the youth and also he said the said content displayed online would be clearly digressing the youth of the country.

In his claim, he also contended that “due to the growing free sex culture through cyber pornography”, the authorities shall take strong steps for checking “online porn content”.

Also, while preferring to contend so, he also found referring the provisions of Section 67 of the Information and Technology Act of 2000 and said that it is very clear on obscene material, pornography on computer or mobile is a crime and also it is attracting severe punishments against the producers, distributors and also against the viewers of such contents.

Also, while so, he also said that he had also given a representation to the authorities in the last year (April) however, there was seen no action from such authorities, in this connection.

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