PM- Modi has ‘forged’ his degrees, says Delhi’s CM- Kejriwal

Delhi CM- Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: After number of enquiries and minute allegations levelled against the Delhi University in connection with the disclosure of the qualification of the Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi, the Delhi’s Chief Minister- Arvind Kejriwal found, yesterday, on 7th May, found accusing the PM- Modi saying he has “forged” his BA- Bachelor of Arts and MA- Masters of Arts degrees and “lying” in his election affidavits.

Yesterday, when the Delhi CM- Kejriwal was talking with the media in Delhi, found levelling the allegations against the PM- Modi saying that a “graduation degree certificate” claimed to be that of Modi belonged to One- Narendra Kumar Modi, who is the resident of the Alwar district from Rajasthan state. Moreover, the said allegation is based on the major difference in the date of birth, which as per Delhi’s CM- Kejriwal, the said Alwar- based Narendra Kumar Modi’s date of birth was 1958, and PM- Modi’s year of birth was 1950.

Thus, taking note of this major difference amongst the two, the Delhi’s CM- Kejriwal also stated that the “the PM neither has a BA nor an MA degree. He has lied to the country and in the election affidavit as well.” He also claimed that the degrees are “forged,” adding that the big issue is not “about how much educated the PM is, but that reports indicate that the PM has indulged in forgery.” Kejriwal, who is also the leader to Aam Aadmi Party, then termed it as “a serious issue.”

Thus, the AAP party has earlier during the day, found claiming that they have tracked namesake of Modi who was born in the year 1958. Moreover, while allegations of the forgery preferred against the PM- Modi, the AAP party leaders like Ashutosh also added that “the PM did not graduate from DU and he forged degrees, which is criminal” in nature. Moreover, the said leader also found stated that he has recently filed a new/ fresh Right to Information application where the DU/ Gujarat University were requested to provide more details about the degrees of the PM- Modi.

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