PM Modi in Brussels: Entire humanity must stand against terrorism

Brussels: India’s Prime Minister- Narendra Modi while in the visit to Belgium, found stated solidarity of India is with the European nation for the tragedy which has struck Brussels on last 22nd day of March, this year. While addressing the Indian Community in Brussels, the Indian Prime Minister- Modi stated that terrorism has become a challenge against humanity. It was seen that he visited Brussels after a week when city was facing terror attacks. Those attacks led to the death of Thirty- two people in Brussels. Moreover, the PM- Modi further sought to pay respect to the people who were killed in the terror attack.

In the key statements to the gathering, he also found stated that “terrorism must be de-linked from religion.” And assuring the Brussels that India is in support with humanity, he said that “India stands in full support and solidarity with Belgium.”

Also, while he was addressing the gathering he also found offering his sincere gratitude for his welcome which he has received, even thought the country was in tough time.

Moreover, it was also seen that the PM- Modi had also visited Maalbeek Metro Station’s memorial for the victims of the Brussels recently occurred attacks. Also, notably, this was place where an Indian engineer- Raghavendra Ganeshan was also died of such attacks. In his visit, he also found laying bouquet at the metro station.

In his speech in Brussels, some of the key points can be seen in the following paragraphs.

Modi while praising the Indian community’s efforts in foreign countries, sought to maintain that, they are messengers from India and they present the country and its culture to the world through their “conduct and speech”.

While on terrorism, he said, there are many countries facing issues of terrorism and it is not a challenge to a nation, but is a challenge to “Humanity”. Also he asked all the powers who believe in humanity, to come “to fight terror”.

Also, Modi further made it clear that he met leaders of the European Union and they talked on many things, but “terrorism was the focal point of all such discussion”.

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