PM- Modi in US warns against the risk from “state actors” supporting nuclear terrorism

Washington: Prime Minister of India- Narendra Modi, on Thursday, i.e. on 31st March, warned that the greater risk as to nuclear terrorism, is presented by the “State actors working with the nuclear traffickers and terrorists”, as the way led by the United States by declaring a downsizing its nuclear stockpile at the Global Nuclear Security Summit, which has began in Washington.

It was seen that the Indian Prime Minister- Modi who seated beside the United States President, in a dinner which was hosted by the American President- Barack Obama at the White House, while there being a brief intervention during it, Modi notably, said that there would be no “deterrence against the nuclear terrorism”, without the prevention and prosecution of “acts of terrorism”.

However, it was also noticed that PM- Modi sought not to name any country while saying so, but it can be safely inferred that it must be in connection with the difficulties of New Delhi in convincing Pakistan to stop the terror campaign against India even as Islamabad had made a token show of probing and prosecuting some terror attacks.

It was seen earlier that an allegedly Indian spy was arrested by the Pakistani officials, in Balochistan and thereby, they started blaming New Delhi with fomenting terrorism in its territory, however, the said allegations can also be seen carrying little weight given long history of Pakistan in connection with the exporting terrorism across the western world, beyond the subcontinent commencing from San Bernardino and New York to London.

Moreover, in connection with the visit of the Pakistani probing team to the India for examining the facts behind the attack of terrorism in Pathankot, the PM- Modi again notably stated that terrorism’s reach and supply chains “are global”, but “genuine co- operation between nation states is not”. Moreover such remarks were also looking targeting the China, which was appearing dissatisfied with the efforts of India at the United Nations for designating Jaish- e- Mohammed chief Masoon Azhar as a ‘terrorist’. China’s leader- Xi JinPing was also occasioned to sit aside US President- Obama.

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