PM- Modi in Washington attending along with others, 4th Nuclear Security Summit

Washington: India’s Prime Minister- Narendra Modi arrived in Washington, today for attending the Nuclear Security Summit, which is to held for two days therein. Number of leaders and representatives from around the world (from especially over 50 countries) are also expected to be there while there being a huge discussion on Nuclear Weapon and threats therefrom.

In the two- days huge discussion meet, the Indian Prime Minister- Modi is also scheduled to have talks with the number of other leaders from around the world in which specifically, he is to meet and interact with US President and host Barack Obama.

This is also notably, a first time meet of Narendra Modi, as Prime Minister of the country, when he is to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, and thus, it is now highly expected from the man who express well, that to lay out his vision of securing nuclear weapons.

While so, Modi being thirdly visiting the United States and secondly to the Washington since from his holding the position of Prime Minister, he has been praised by the country. In the year 2014, also he found visited the United States for meet with the US President Obama at the White House. Thereafter, last year he again found visiting the United States wherein he visited New York and Silicon Valley.

Also, in this meeting, it is shown that the PM Modi is scheduled to meet John Key- the Prime Minister of New Zealand, today and thereafter he would meet with scientists from Laser Interferometer Gravitational- wave Observatory- LIGO

Moreover, while in his visit, the excitement can be seen among the Indian community staying in Washington, they have seemed decided that they would be standing outside his hotel, even though there is a tight security.

This being the fourth Nuclear Security Summit, the host Obama found made all the arrangement under his office and Modi will be too taking part in the attending leaders and will be having dinner with US President Obama in the evening at the White house.

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