PM Modi Says that Nari Shakti can do key role in effective drought management

Drought in India

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi, today Saturday, meets the delegates from Uttar Pradesh which was led by UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to discuss the drought situations in various parts of the state.

While revealing the power of women, PM Said that the usage of modern technology and the participation of women community, especially the “Nari Shakti’ can do a major role in drought management.

While pointing out the effective meeting with UP CM, Prime Minister said that the various measures undertaken for drought mitigations in the state of UP were discussed. Moreover he said that Centre and States should work together to solve the issues faced by people due to drought. PM said to focus on long term and short term solutions for drought proofing.

Moreover, PM Said to make use of treated Urban waste water for farming in the adjoining areas. He said to monitor the delivery of water through tankers in the drought effected areas with the help of GPS.

Meeting also initiated discussion about upcoming monsoon utilization, water conservation and recharge efforts such as recharging of rivers, check dams and different water accumulating mechanisms.

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