PM- Modi to launch New Scheme for providing FREE LPG connections to Poor/BPL people

PM Modi

New Delhi: On coming month’s (May) first day, the Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi is set to launch an ambitious scheme of about Eight Thousand Crores of rupees for providing around Five crores of FREE LPG connections to the bellow poverty line families, using the money which is saved from the 1.13 Crores of cooking gas users voluntarily giving up their subsidies.

The said scheme is named as ‘Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana’ and the PM- Modi set to launch this scheme at Ballia in Uttar Pradesh on first day of coming month and also, it is reportedly stated that there will be repeat of this function at Dahod in Gujarat State, by 15th day of the coming month.

It was also seen in the year 2015 in the month of January therein, the current PM- Modi launched a ‘Give- it- Up’ campaign where the wealthy people were asked to voluntarily surrender their subsidies which they would have get in the cooking gas. That scheme was launched for an year’s period and that programme was official launched by the current Prime Minister on 27th day of March, last year.

Also, as stated by Dharmendra Pradhan- Oil Minister to the media, since from the launch of that ‘Give- it- Up’ scheme, around “1.13 crore people have given- up LPG subsidies” and also he claimed that they “are buying cooking gas at market price.”

In the said list of 1.13 crore people, the Maharashtra’s population seemed topping the list as around 16.44 lakh consumers seemed participating in the said giving up of subsidies. While other states’ people like from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, etc. also participated, but came latter.

It was pointed by Oil Minister- Pradhan that “Five states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu account for roughly half of the people who have given up LPG subsidies.”

Now, the scheme will take the money which the wealthy people given in the nature of subsidies, and such money will now be used for providing LPG connections to the poor people.

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