PMO seems to go against salary hike of Parliamentarians

PM Modi

New Delhi: Even though the proposal for doubling the salaries of the members of the parliament is burning highly, but the unwilling Prime Minister of the country- Narendra Modi in principle against the idea of Members of parliament giving themselves a raise, as informed from the sources from the top level officials.

The salaries of the members of the parliament is favoured by the current Prime Minister- Modi, as the said lawmakers are linked to a certain post, instead of bringing a bill time to be passed by the said Members of parliament themselves, as per the said sources. However, though there is a demand, but still there is no assent or formal confirmation on the views of from the Prime Minister Office- PMO yet to be came forwards.

The proposal for the 100 per cents of the hike or increase in the salaries of the members of the parliament is recently came up and the demand is received huge fire now.

The recommendations from the Joint Committee on Salaries and allowances of the Members of the Parliament came forward and it is seen in such recommendations that there should be increase in the salary of such parliamentarians from present salary of Fifty Thousand Rupees to One lakh rupees. Moreover, the proposals also made for increasing the constituency allowance and secretarial assistance allowance from Forty- five Thousands Rupees to Ninety Thousand Rupees each. As such the total increase as proposed would be from 1.40 lakh rupees to 2.80 lakh of rupees.

Moreover, as per the Parliament Affairs Ministry- the said ministry, meanwhile is likely to circulate a cabinet note on the salary increase of the members of parliament after the ongoing budget session. The said cabinet note will be forwarded to the various ministers and their views will be asked for, and especially, the views from the Finance Ministry and Law ministry were important, besides the PMO and Cabinet Secretary.

Not only this, the panel from the Parliament which was led by the Member of Parliament of BJP party- Yogi Adityanath also recommended that the pension of the said members should also be raised from Twenty Thousands of rupees to Thirty Thousands of rupees.

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