PM’s Education Degrees Issue: BJP made both BA and MA degrees of PM- Modi public and asks Kejriwal to apologize for his lie

PM Modi

New Delhi: Today, on Monday, 9th May, the Bhartiya Janata Party which is being the national party and also currently the ruling party in India has presented a proof as to the Prime Minister- Narendra Modi’s education qualification degrees, and asked the Delhi’s Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party’s leader- Arvind Kejriwal to apologize for his levelled false allegations about the PM’s education qualification.

Earlier in the recent past weeks, the said Chief Minister of Delhi- Arvind Kejriwal has tried to get the true degrees of the Prime Minister- Narendra Modi who is belonging to the Bhartiya Janata Party- BJP from the Delhi University, as in the affidavits which the PM- Modi had made during the period of Election he had declared that he has degrees from Delhi University.

When, the Delhi Universities Vice- Chancellor respondent with the ‘no’ to the CM- Kejriwal’s Right to Information application, then Delhi’s CM preferred to say that Narendra Modi has made forged in connection with his degrees.

Even, on Friday, the CM- Kejriwal found claiming that the records of the University showed that PM- Modi had never enrolled in the University.

Now, when the education degrees of the Prime Minister have been brought in the public domain, the BJP’s leaders, specially its Chief Amit Shah said in press conference arranged at Delhi, that “Kejriwal has repeatedly written letters to the CIC, the PMO, etc. to propagate a lie – that PM Modi’s degrees are fake.” Now further he said that, “I am hereby presenting the PM’s degrees- both his BA and MA degrees.

It is appeared from the degrees that the current Prime Minister- Modi has secured Bachelor of Arts degree from Delhi University and also his Masters of Arts degree is from the Gujarat University. Now both the degrees are brought in the public domain. It is also pointed the current Prime Minister has secured first class in his Masters degree from the Gujarat University.

Moreover, the another minister- Arun Jaitley who was also present in the conference found stated that the allegations which were levelled by Kejriwal are coming “from a party whose MLAs are prosecuted for disclosing fake degrees.”

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