Police Horse- Shaktiman died after a huge battle of 37 days; Supporters claiming arrest of accused BJP leader

shaktiman died

Dehradun: After an allegedly brutal attack by the legislator of the Bhartiya Janata Party, in the last month, the Uttarakhand Police department’s horse, namely, Shaktiman had lost a leg, and now yesterday’s reports gave huge shock to the Uttarakhand Police when Shaktiman was declared died.

Police Horse- Shaktiman’s death occurred after days it got a prosthetic limb, as per the Officials report. While, so the activists dealing in the Animal rights, seemed reacted very sharply and found asking the Government to take action against the accused person- who is the leader of Bhartiya Janata Party, namely, Ganesh Joshi.

The Examiners, who have attended the said animal- Shaktiman, which was only thirteen- years old, said that the said animal had not responded to the said Prosthetic Leg which is brought from the United States. As such, it was seen that the said Police horse- shaktiman died yesterday, i.e. on 20th April, Wednesday’s afternoon, as per the examiners.

Moreover, It was seen that the said animal being luckiest one who was looked after by the major doctors and paid attention by the number of big personalities. However, despite of all efforts, he died. Amongst the other notable, the animals which are dying without any attention from anyone, this horse, due to his special training and best performance in the Police department, was paid lots of attentions from the big personalities. It was seen that the group of policemen, an international animal rights activist from the United States- Jamie Vaughan were looking after this horse.

As per the Filmmaker- Vinod Kapri who found telling the media that “Shaktiman lost its battle with life after a brave fight of 37 days.” He also added that “I salute its bravery and also Dehradun police,doctors and Jamie who looked after Shakti and wanted it to live.” This filmmaker had recently made a documentary on the life and the struggle of the horse.

Moreover, the filmmaker, while showing his emotions also said that “It’s not a death of a horse but a child in home. We treated Shaktiman like our own child.”

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