Police in NIA Officer’s Killing seeks to look at property dispute enmity angle: Killer Identified

Meerut: In the killing of the NIA- National Investigation Agency’s Officer- Mohammad Tanzeel Ahmed, the Police said that they have identified the killer who as per Police officials a person with the criminal record.

It was seen that on Sunday, 3th April, the said NIA officer- Tanzeel was shot to death, while he was returning from his niece’s marriage along with his Wife and children. His wife found seriously injured while their children managed to escape the car. The NIA officer was allegedly shot several times and as such he was died, and his Wife received some bullet injuries and still is in hospital.

However, now after around 3 days from the day on which the said incident was taken place, the Police seemed to have identified the killer of said NIA Officer- Tanzeel. The instances of such identification were brought to the knowledge from the sources. And it is also said by the sources that the Resident of the Seohara Town in the district of Bijnor- Muneer is stated to have killed NIA Officer- Tanzeel in connection with some property dispute.

However, still he is not under the custody of Police, and the Police Officials as per DIG of Moradabad range- Omkar Singh have been dispatched to different location for nabbing him.

Also, as per the Investigating teams in this crimes connection have recovered a Pulsar (red colour) bike from the Bareilly, which as per the officials have been used in committing the said murder.

However, as per the earlier reports, there were two gunmen on the motorcycle, while they starting firing on the car of the NIA Officer. It was notable that over 20 bullets were shot at Tanzeel and as such he cannot survive out of the injuries and died.

Moreover, it was seen that the name of Muneer, who is allegedly involved in the killing of Tanzeel, was came to the knowledge of the policemen while they were interrogating the suspects who were taken in custody by the Police yesterday, by raiding their hideouts in Bijnor, Aligarh, Sambhal and Bulandshahar districts.

Thus, till now, the Police has got a new scenario in the case, as involvement of Muneer in the killing of Tanzeel in connection with the property disputes.

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