Premature kids are at High Risks for Autism Development

Tokyo: Babies possessing premature deliveries are prone more for showing interests lacking in socialised skills than full-term born infants. This is revealed by studies. Additionally information is that these babies have higher risks of autism development. Findings revealed that premature births are linked with lacks of socialised skills of communication’s developments.

This leads ultimately to autism. Babies premature show various patterns attention-wise in turn showing lesser interests in different people. There are hopes that studies like this contributes to early diagnoses such that there are supports appropriately offered at possible early stages. This is told by one scientist namely Myowa-Yamakoshi from Kyoto University in Japan.

Preterm baby’s nervous systems differently develop when compared with babies or infants having full-term births in first years of their lives. Scientists told this in studies published in journal Infancy. Team in first studying parts displayed simultaneously videos that showed patterns geometrically and people to 6 to 12-months old toddlers for testing as to which video was preferred by infants.

Scientists told that infants gazing showed interests as that more times spent seeing people meaning is that there are interests more in various people. It was revealed that infants premature stared lesser at people but had keen interests in shapes. Baby’s full-term had spent times more seeing people in videos instead of shapes. Full-term baby’s have low risk of Autism development.

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