Punjab Police arrests One in the case of dragging, abducting and raping a Woman

Woman dragged & raped in Muktsar

Muktsar, Punjab: Today, on 23rd April Saturday, the Punjab Police finally arrested a person in connection with the case where, around a month earlier a Woman was dragged out of her office and abducted and also raped in the district of Muktsar in Punjab State. Though, the accused shown his courage to drag the woman and then abducted her, but the technology played its part and entire incident of dragging and abducting was caught on a CCTV camera.

It was seen that the said CCTV camera’s footage connected with incidents of dragging and abducting proved much helpful to the Police for identifying the accused person. It was shown in the said footage that a young man forcibly dragging a twenty- four- years- old woman out of her office in broad daylight on 25th day of March, this year.

Moreover, this video also shows that the said woman was screaming, shouting for help and crying for breaking free from the grip of her abductor. However, no one seemed coming forward for helping her out of such tragedy.

It was also shown reportedly, which unfortunately not covered under the said camera, the said woman was taken to a farmhouse where she was raped repeatedly.

Later of around 5 days, the said woman reported to police by filing a First Information Report and entire things she explained before them. However, it is also seen notable that the police are yet to make any development in the case even after a month.

Today, however, the Police move a step ahead and arrested the identified person through the CCTV camera which was placed in the nearby shop. It was also seen that the colleagues of the victim were also running out later and shouting.

Moreover, the Woman also shown that the accused as per her belief must be from the same village wherefrom she is, also she said that he was also supported with the accomplice, the police officials confirms the said.

Thus, considering the crimes against women, the Police officials should also pay their full attentions, as dignity of women, should be of prior importance.

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