Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Book Review: The present world of competition is become as such because of growing population and also because of increasing the needs and expectations of the people. Thus, people in this world want to attain more and more success while they are struggling in their work fields. And this desire of the human beings on this earth has creating a new world of competition. Thus, for the people in India, who prefers the Government jobs are now required to clear the competitive examinations, and as such they need to be perfect in their knowledge and also in their retained information about the current affairs. However, in the busy schedules of their lives, they often need to take help from the other sources which will offer them convenience in their readings and studies. As such, there are number of publishers offering reading books for such people’s preparations for such competitive examinations, so that they can easily crack the stages of such examinations and will get succeeded in their aims to get jobs. Thus, the present book is also offering similar support for all such people. This book is brought with the similar aim to provide best readings for the candidates appearing in the competitive examinations held in India.

Thus, the present book is brought from the most popular author, R. S. Aggarwal, who have offered it for the people who have got competitive examinations around the corner. The author, R. S. Aggarwal is a seasoned author of the competitive examinations books, who took birth in Delhi and is an alumnus of Kirori Mal College. He was also the lecturer in Nanak Chand Anglo Sanskrit- NAS College, Meerut, until he received a fellowship to pursue his Ph. D. in Delhi University. And after completing his doctorate this author has become a reader in said NAS college and then moved to MMH College in Ghaziabad. And this author has now been retired since 2003, after he has authored to 75 books. He has actually, taken a voluntary retirement from his career. Thus, the present creation is one of the best creations brought from the top author.

This books is as such offering a great support for the candidates who are preparing for the competitive examinations. Thus, this amazing book is explaining the fundamentals of the quantitative aptitude with simple chapters, a multitude of examples and quick exercises. This book is also considered as one of the best- selling reference guides that will help the candidates to get their elementary mathematics right. It is not only offering for the quantitative aptitude section of a competitive exam, but also it is a great for job placement tests as well. This book is actually divided into two sections, arithmetic ability and data interpretation. Its first section is delving into numbers, decimal fractions, cube roots, permutations and combinations, H. C. F. and L. C. M., probability, surds and indices and more, while the second section details data tabulation, including pie charts and graphs. Thus, it is a perfect reference book list for most coaching institutes. It is the book covering a wide range of topics without complicating them, unlike other books. It is often considered the holy grail for mathematicians and it is a sure to prepare the candidate effectively for competitive examinations. Its seventeenth edition is published in the year 2013 and its paperback is now available in the market.

Thus, the book is perfect and it is offering all such amazing support for all the candidates who are preparing for the competitive examinations. And all the candidates will surely take its advantage for their further preparations in their selected stream. Moreover, it is it is useful for all kinds of competitive exams like Common Aptitude Tests- CAT, MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exams, CLAT, CSAT. Bank Competitive exams, UPSC and other State Competitive exams and also other similar competitive exams. Thus, for all such government job seekers, this book is really very beneficial and profitable.

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Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

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